My teaching philosophy and achievements (certifications -results of life time learner).

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Teaching philosophy  – 

My teaching philosophy is all about teaching and learning.  I think that distance learning provides teachers a great opportunity to learn new things so we can continue to teach, and we can continue to learn with students. I always think that the more we (as teachers) learn, the more we can offer to our student and teach them what they need to know. I also agree with the following studies that teaching presence is an important factor for student’s success and I make sure my students know that I am always there for them.

“Several  studies  have  identified teaching presence as a predictor of student perceptions of satisfaction, learning, and connectedness” (Akyol & Garrison, 2008; Arbaugh, 2008; Saint-Jacques, 2013; Shea & Bidjerano, 2009; Sheridan, Kelly, & Bentz, 2013).

My favorite certificates to share with you. 

  • Master in Education Degree of Early Childhood Education (p-5) from University of North Georgia (2013)
  • Georgia Educator Certificate (2008) for the following fields: 
    Chinese Mandarin (p-12)
    Early Childhood Education (p-5)
    ESOL Endorsement.
  • Bachelor Degree of Business Management from Charles Sturt University, NSW, Australia (1993).
  • High Diploma of Production and Industrial Engineering from Hong Kong Polytechnic institute.
  • Certificate of Industrial Safety from Hong Kong Polytechnic institute.
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