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Welcome to the E-home of MeiShan Spradlin!

我是胡老师, 欢迎你来参观我的网页.

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Hello, This is MeiShan Spradlin (胡老师), one of the Chinese Teachers at Hall County Schools. I am from HongKong, China. I have been in Georgia for over twenty years. I started teaching at Hall County Schools system since 2008.
I feel like I have been learning and studying all my life. It is like climbing the Great Wall, I climbed a section on my education ladder then stop and took a break. Then I climbed again and took another break. Year after years, break after breaks, I had gained quite a few Certificates and Degrees to enrich my life. Following are a few of my favorite certificates to share with you.
  • Master in Education Degree of Early Childhood Education (p-5) from University of North Georgia (2013)
  • Georgia Educator Certificate (2008) for the following fields: 
    ◦Chinese Mandarin (p-12)
    Early Childhood Education (p-5)
    ESOL Endorsement.
  • Bachelor Degree of Business Management from Charles Sturt University, NSW, Australia (1993).
  • High Diploma of Production and Industrial Engineering from Hong Kong Polytechnic institute.
  • Certificate of Industrial Safety from Hong Kong Polytechnic institute.

Teaching philosophy :

My teaching philosophy is all about teaching and learning.  I think that distance learning provides teachers a great opportunity to learn new things so we can continue to teach, and we can continue to learn with students. I always think that the more we (as teachers) learn, the more we can offer to our students and teach them what they need to know. I also agree with the following studies that teaching presence is an important factor for student’s success and I make sure my students know that I am always there for them.

“Several  studies  have  identified teaching presence as a predictor of student perceptions of satisfaction, learning, and connectedness” (Akyol & Garrison, 2008; Arbaugh, 2008; Saint-Jacques, 2013; Shea & Bidjerano, 2009; Sheridan, Kelly, & Bentz, 2013).

Education Experiences:

I loved teaching Elementary School. I taught 7 years of  Mandarin Chinese to my elementary students at WLA, I recorded many videos of my students reciting the Chinese poems, singing Chinese kids' songs and their  Morning announcements in Chinese. It was a lot of fun watching the videos now and then to see how small my students were and how cute they were. You can also enjoy the video I share with you with the following link if you have a minute or two. 

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B1QvHntWVBt_Ml9hT0hNeE1UR0k?usp=sharingLinks to an external site.

After 7 years teaching elementary, I was giving an opportunity to teach middle school for three years.  I am now (since 2018-19 school year) teaching students Chinese level I, II, III and IV online from 7th grade (middle schools) to 12th grade ( high schools) at Hall County School systems. I am very excited to have this online teaching opportunity to teach Chinese to students from different Hall County schools.  

My badges:

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